$7 Burgers at your favorite restaurants during NCJ Burger Week!

What is Burger Week?

NCJ Burger Week is a week-long celebration of the glorious creation known as “the hamburger.” 

Local restaurants and chefs who crave Humboldt’s most mouthwatering burgers are asked to join us in creating one week of pure hamburger heaven. And at $7 a burger, customers will have plenty of cash left for a fried side and a beer.

NCJ Burger Week Pro Tips

No take-out. Sorry. You need to get out of the house and eat in a restaurant like a person anyway.

Good news: #NCJBurgerWeek will be even meatier than last year’s inaugural event! That also means more fellow diners showing up and, because kitchens aren’t staffed with genies and supplies are not infinite, a given restaurant could run out of its #NCJBurgerWeek burger toward the end of a shift. If that happens, know that we feel your pain and it’s going to be OK. There’s always tomorrow, when you can come back and order the burger we all want you to have. Don’t let your hangry self get the better of you and remember that making and serving burgers is a noble calling. Be kind to those doing this important work. 

As mentioned above, folks are excited for #NCJBurgerWeek. Word about last year has spread and your favorite participating spot may go from sleepy to packed. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a little. Treat yourself to a beverage. Revel in the anticipation. And when your burger shows up in all its juicy glory, post about it on social media using #NCJBurgerWeek and you could win a prize.

We all get caught up in the excitement of a deal. But don’t lose your manners and remember the folks cooking and serving are handling more orders and delivering a gourmet burger at a low price during the frenzy that is #NCJBurgerWeek. Tip at least 20% and walk out with your head held high, making your parents and the NCJ team proud. Your patty purveyors will remember it when you come back.

You’re not required to buy anything else but can you really say you’ve had the full experience without some kind of fried side and a beverage. This is the perfect time to try out the fries, onion rings and other goodies our restaurant pals are dishing out while showing a little love to local businesses. Is there craft beer on the menu? Milkshakes? Go big or go home, burger fans.

#NCJBurgerWeek is on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us and get up-to-date info on everything #NCJBurgerWeek while you peruse the foodporn. And don’t be shy — share your own burger photos using #NCJBurgerWeek and you might win something cool.

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